Optimizing Loop-Level Parallelism in Cray XMT Applications

S-2487-14 - Dec 2009

Provides guidance and techniques for improving parallelization for Cray XMT programs.


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Table of contents

Overview of the Cray XMT System
    2.1  The Cray XMT Programming Environment and Tools
    2.2  Language Extensions
    2.3  Loop-level Parallelism and Canal
Identifying Parallelism
    3.1  Conditions for Safe Parallelization
Compiler Transformations
    4.1  Scalar Expansion
    4.2  Reductions
    4.3  Linear Recurrences
    4.4  Nested Parallelism and Loop Collapse
Implementing Parallelism
    6.1  Parallel Regions
    6.2  Styles of Parallelism
    6.3  Loop Scheduling
An Example Loop
10  About the Authors
11  Selected Bibliography

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