Cray XR1 User and Administration Guide

S-2486-10 - Jul 2009

Subject matter is about Cray XR1 blade hardware, and special instructions for developing and running programs on these blades.


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Table of contents

Cray XR1 Hardware Overview
    1.1  The Cray XT System with Cray XR1 Blades
    1.2  DRC Development System DS2008
    1.3  DRC RPU110-L200 and RPU110-L200/LP
    1.4  HyperTransport Links Used in DRC and Cray Systems
    1.5  Xilinx Virtex-4 Chip Resources
Building and Running an Application
    2.1  Loading Modules
    2.2  Compiling Applications
    2.3  Running Applications
    2.3.1  Loading New Bit Streams
    2.3.2  Setting New Bit Streams
    2.3.3  Making Bit Streams Active
    2.3.4  Using the inventory Command
Example Cray XR1 Run
Administration Guide
    4.1  Software Management Workstation Packages
    4.2  Boot Node Changes
Cray XR1 RPU Configuration and the Boot Process

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