Cray Linux Environment (CLE) Software Release Overview

S-2425-4101 - Dec 2012

Provides an overview of the Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.1 software release, including software enhancements, differences from previous CLE releases, documentation, contents of the release package and software services provided with the release.


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Table of contents

    1.1  Emphasis for the CLE 4.1.UP01 Release
    1.2  Supported System Configurations
    1.3  Description of the CLE 4.1.UP01 Release Software
    1.4  CLE 4.1.UP01 Support Policy
Software Enhancements
    2.1  Software Enhancements in CLE 4.1.UP01
    2.1.1  AMD Opteron 6300 Processors
    2.1.2  NVIDIA Kepler Support
    2.1.3  Application Level Placement Scheduler (ALPS) Enhancements  ALPS Prologue and Epilogue  Application Relaunch  Application Reconnect  Limitations Common to Relaunch and Reconnect  Compute Unit Affinity
    2.1.4  Compute Node Cleanup
    2.1.5  Cray Lightweight Log Management (LLM) System
    2.1.6  Cray Lustre Enhancements  lustre_control Changes in CLE 4.1
    2.1.7  Logical Volume Manager (LVM) Backup Solution
Compatibilities and Differences
    3.1  Binary Compatibility
    3.2  Installation and Configuration Functionality Changes for System Administrators
    3.2.1  Supported Upgrade Path
    3.2.2  System Management Workstation (SMW) Upgrade Requirements
    3.2.3  Installation Time Required
    3.2.4  Deprecated Commands
    3.2.5  Changes to the CLEinstall.conf Installation Configuration File
    4.1  Accessing Product Documentation
    4.2  Cray-developed Books Provided with This Release
    4.2.1  Additional Cray-developed Release Documents
    4.3  Changes to Man Pages
    4.3.1  Removed Cray Man Pages
    4.3.2  New Cray Man Pages
    4.3.3  Changed Cray Man Pages in CLE 4.1.UP01
    4.4  Other Related Documents Available
    4.5  Additional Documentation Resources
Release Contents
    5.1  Hardware Requirements
    5.2  Software Requirements
    5.2.1  Release Level Requirements for Other Cray Software Products
    5.2.2  Third-party Software Requirements
    5.3  Supported Upgrade Path
    5.4  Contents of the Release Package
    5.4.1  CLE 4.1.UP01 Software Components
    5.5  Licensing

Software Releases this book supports

Product Version Sub Product Release Date
Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.1.UP01 Dec 2012

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Publication Number Release Date Supported Software Releases
S-2425-52xx Apr 2014 Knowledge Base 1.0
S-2425-52 Mar 2014 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP00, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP03, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP02, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP04, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP01
S-2425-51 Sep 2013 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.1.UP00, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.1.UP01
S-2425-42 Apr 2013 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.2, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.2.UP01, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.2.UP02
S-2425-5002 Mar 2013 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.0.UP02, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.0.UP03
S-2425-40 Jun 2011 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.0.UP02, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.0.UP01, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.0, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.0.UP03
S-2425-31 Jun 2010 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.1, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.1.UP02, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.1.UP03
S-2425-30 Mar 2010 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.0
S-2425-22 Jul 2009 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 2.2
S-2425-21 Nov 2008 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 2.1
S-2425-20 Oct 2007 Cray XT Programming Environment 2.0, System Management Workstation (SMW) 3.0.1, UNICOS/lc 2.0
S-2425-15 Nov 2006 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.5, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.5, UNICOS/lc 1.5
S-2425-14 May 2006 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.4, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.4, UNICOS/lc 1.4
S-2425-13 Nov 2005 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.3, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.3, UNICOS/lc 1.3
S-2425-12 Aug 2005 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.2, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.2, UNICOS/lc 1.2
S-2425-11 Jun 2005 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.1, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.1, UNICOS/lc 1.1