Cray Linux Environment (CLE) Software Release Overview

S-2425-30 - Mar 2010

Provides an overview of the Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.0 software release, including software enhancements, differences from the previous CLE release, documentation, contents of the release package, and software services provided with the release.


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Table of contents

    1.1  Emphasis for the CLE 3.0 Release
    1.2  Supported Cray XT System Configurations
    1.3  Description of the CLE 3.0 Release Software
    1.4  CLE 3.0 Support Policy
Software Enhancements
    2.1  Socket G34 Support
    2.2  SLES 11 Upgrade
    2.2.1  OpenFabrics InfiniBand Upgrade
    2.2.2  SLES 11 Documentation
    2.2.3  Differences and Limitations Introduced with SLES 11
    2.3  Configuration and Packaging Enhancements
    2.4  Lustre 1.8 File System Upgrade
    2.4.1  Adaptive Time-outs
    2.4.2  Version-based Recovery (VBR)
    2.4.3  OST Pools
    2.4.4  OSS Read Cache
    2.5  Dynamic Shared Objects and Libraries (DSL)
    2.6  Node Health Checker Enhancements
    2.6.1  Suspect Mode Returns Healthy Nodes to Resource Pool Faster
    2.6.2  NHC Verifies ALPS Acknowledges a Node's State Change
    2.6.3  Automatic Recovery If a Login Node Crashes While xtcheckhealth Monitoring Nodes
    2.6.4  Enhancements to NHC Tests
    2.6.5  New and Changed NHC Variables
    2.7  Stripe Parallel Mode for Cray Data Virtualization Service (Cray DVS)
    2.8  Batch Application Scheduler Interface Layer (BASIL) Protocol Updated
    2.9  Out of Memory (OOM) Killer
    2.10  Lustre Imperative Recovery
    2.11  Service Database (SDB) Node Failover
    2.12  System Administration Enhancements
    2.12.1  NFS Tuning Support in XTinstall.conf
    2.12.2  New Node Allocation Mode of other
    2.12.3  Call of rc.local Script During Boot
    2.12.4  New clerelease File Indicates Installed Release Level
    2.12.5  Comprehensive System Accounting and ALPS Interface
    2.12.6  ALPS Interface to Cray Management Services (CMS)
Compatibilities and Differences
    3.1  Upgrade Installations to CLE 3.0 are not Supported
    3.2  Binary Compatibility
    3.3  PCI-X Network Interface Cards are Not Supported
    3.4  Changing the Default syslog-ng Configuration
    3.5  Commands Removed from the Release
    3.6  Deprecated Commands
    3.7  Requirements for Cray Performance Analysis Tools
    3.8  make Utility Enhancements and Differences
    3.9  Changes in Setting System-wide Default Modulefiles
    3.10  Application Level Placement Scheduler (ALPS) Exclusive Access
    3.11  Removed Obsolete Routing Entry in xtnodestat Legend
    3.12  Node Health Checker (NHC) Changed Functionality
    3.12.1  Node Remains in suspect State Across a Reboot or After Panics or Crashes
    3.12.2  NHC Release Upgrade Compatibility
    3.12.3  NHC Files, Binary, and Script Moved
    3.12.4  xtcleanup_after Script Changes
    3.12.5  xtcheckhealth Binary Interface Changes
    3.13  Installation and Configuration Changed Functionality for System Administrators
    3.13.1  Supported Upgrade Path
    3.13.2  System Management Workstation (SMW) Upgrade Requirements
    3.13.3  /dev/sd* Device Ordering is Not Guaranteed
    3.13.4  OFED Parameter Removed from XTinstall.conf
    3.13.5 Script Differences
    3.13.6  shell_* Installation Scripts on the Boot Node Have Moved
    3.13.7  Local Changes to *rc.local Scripts are Maintained After a CLE Upgrade
    3.14  General System Administration Differences
    3.14.1  Configuration and Packaging Changes
    3.14.2  Quotes are Allowed in the System Configuration File
    3.14.3  Default Prompts Changed on Boot and SDB Nodes
    3.14.4  Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) Now Controls /etc/nologin
    3.14.5  ALPS Adds Additional Job Information to Syslog Messages
    3.14.6  Lustre 1.8 File System Compatibility
    3.14.7  Lustre File System Configuration Requires Persistent Device Names
    3.14.8  scsidev is Obsolete
    3.14.9  cnos Specialization Class for Compute Node Shared Root
    3.14.10  xtpackage and xtclone Must be Invoked as root
    3.14.11  xtrelswitch No Longer Supports Switching the SDB
    3.14.12  xtprocadmin Command Differences
    3.14.13  ldump Command Differences
    4.1  Cray Documentation Website
    4.2  CrayPort Website
    4.3  CrayDoc Documentation Delivery System
    4.4  Accessing Product Documentation
    4.5  Cray-developed Books Provided with This Release
    4.5.1  Additional Cray-developed Release Documents
    4.6  Third-party Books Provided with This Release
    4.7  Changes to Man Pages
    4.7.1  New Cray Man Pages
    4.7.2  Removed Cray Man Pages
    4.7.3  Changed Cray Man Pages
    4.8  Other Related Documents Available
    4.9  Additional Documentation Resources
    4.10  Ordering Documentation
    4.11  Cray Glossary
Release Contents
    5.1  Cray XT System Configurations
    5.2  Software Requirements
    5.2.1  Release Level Requirements for Other Cray Software Products
    5.2.2  Third-party Software Requirements
    5.3  Supported Upgrade Path
    5.4  Contents of the Release Package
    5.4.1  CLE 3.0 Software Components
    5.5  Licensing
    5.6  Ordering Software
Customer Services
    6.1  Technical Assistance with Software Problems
    6.2  CrayPort
    6.3  Training
    6.4  Cray Public Website
Configuration and Packaging Changes

Software Releases this book supports

Product Version Sub Product Release Date
Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.0 Mar 2010

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S-2425-21 Nov 2008 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 2.1
S-2425-20 Oct 2007 Cray XT Programming Environment 2.0, System Management Workstation (SMW) 3.0.1, UNICOS/lc 2.0
S-2425-15 Nov 2006 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.5, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.5, UNICOS/lc 1.5
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