Cray XT System Software Release Overview

S-2425-22 - Jul 2009

Provides an overview of the Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 2.2 GA software release, including documentation, contents of the release package, and software services provided with the release.


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Table of contents

    1.1  Emphasis for the CLE 2.2 Release
    1.2  Description of the CLE 2.2 Release
    1.3  Support Policy
    1.4  Reader Comments
Software Enhancements
    2.1  Naming of the Release
    2.2  Six-core AMD Processor Support
    2.3  Checkpoint/Restart
    2.3.1  Requirements and/or Limitations for Checkpoint/Restart
    2.4  OpenFabrics InfiniBand Support
    2.5  Service Database (SDB) Node Failover
    2.6  ntpclient for Compute Node for Clock Synchronization
    2.7  LDAP Support for CSA Project Database
    2.7.1  Limitations when Using LDAP with CSA
    2.8  Node Health Checker Improvements
    2.9  ALPS Node-ordering Option for Improved Application Performance
    2.10  ALPS Enhancements for Non-uniform PE Placement
    2.11  Batch System Job ID in apstat Display
    2.12  Additional Cray DVS File Systems and Modes
    2.13  Lustre Failover
    2.14  System Administration Enhancements
    2.14.1  New XTinstall Options and Configuration Parameters
    2.14.2  Linux Kernel Upgraded to SLES 10 SP2
    2.14.3  New xtverifyconfig Utility to Verify Configuration States
    2.14.4  ALPS Interface to Cray Management Services (CMS)
    2.14.5  Dropbear Utility for Compute Node SSH Keys
    2.14.6  New /etc/alps.conf Configuration Variable lustreFlush
    2.15  Additional New and Enhanced Commands
    2.16  Bugs Addressed Since the Last Release
Compatibilities and Differences
    3.1  Users Must Recompile Applications
    3.2  xt-asyncpe Must be Upgraded to Version 2.5 or Later
    3.3  ALPS Enforces Supported Levels of MPT
    3.4  PathScale Applications Must Disable PSC_OMP_AFFINITY
    3.5  Catamount Option for Compute Nodes No Longer Available
    3.5.1  Catamount-specific Commands and Functions Removed
    3.5.2  Compute Processor Allocator (CPA) Libraries Replaced
    3.5.3  MySQL Database Account for cpa Removed
    3.5.4  Lustre Lock Recovery Daemon for Catamount Removed
    3.6  Resource Limits are No Longer Forwarded to Compute Nodes by Default
    3.7  Many RPMs are No Longer Installed with the CLE Release
    3.8  New License Addendum Required for MySQL
    3.9  MySQL Upgrade
    3.10  ALPS User Messages Now Include a Timestamp
    3.11  Upgrade and Configuration Related Changes for System Administrators
    3.11.1  Supported Upgrade Path
    3.11.2  Installation Time Required
    3.11.3  Changes to the XTinstall Program
    3.11.4  Additional sysset.conf Templates for New Systems
    3.11.5  Upgrading System Software Requires SDB Schema Update
    3.11.6  CSA Configuration Files have Moved
    3.12  General System Administration Differences
    3.12.1  CNL Image in initramfs Uses /etc/shadow Instead of /etc/passwd
    3.12.2  xtnidname and xtrpm Commands Removed
    3.12.3  The xtgenevent Command is Not Supported for Shutdown
    3.12.4  Changes to the ldump Command
    3.12.5  Aggregation of syslog Data
    3.12.6  osclass Node Attribute Default Changed
    3.12.7  xtpackage Creates Debug Directories
    3.12.8  maxnid Kernel Parameter is Calculated Dynamically
    3.12.9  ALPS Startup Process is Automated
    3.12.10  The Compute Node Root is Mounted Read-only
    3.13  Lustre Administration Differences
    3.13.1  Default Changed for Lustre to Panic on LBUG
    3.13.2  Configuration and Installation Enhancements for Lustre Tuning
    3.13.3  MGS and MDS Can Be Configured to Reside on Different Nodes
    3.13.4  Variables Added that Affect or Improve
    3.13.5  Administrators Should No Longer Use xt-lustre-proxy to Start and Stop Lustre File Systems
    3.14  Changes Implemented with the SMW 4.0 Release
    3.14.1  Mazama Name Changed to Cray Management Services (CMS)
    3.14.2  SeaStar Network Virtual Channel Default Setting Changed
    3.14.3  Graceful Shutdown for Cray XT CNL Compute Nodes
    3.14.4  all_serv is Not a Valid Boot Type String
    4.1  Cray Documentation Website
    4.2  CrayPort Website
    4.3  CrayDoc Documentation Delivery System
    4.4  Accessing Product Documentation
    4.5  Cray-developed Books Provided with This Release
    4.5.1  Additional Cray-developed Release Documents
    4.6  Third-party Books Provided with This Release
    4.7  Changes to Man Pages
    4.7.1  New Cray Man Pages
    4.7.2  Removed Cray Man Pages
    4.7.3  Changed Cray Man Pages
    4.8  Other Related Documents Available
    4.9  Additional Documentation Resources
    4.10  Ordering Documentation
    4.11  Cray Glossary
Release Contents
    5.1  Cray XT System Configurations
    5.2  Software Requirements
    5.2.1  Release Level Requirements for Other Cray Software Products
    5.2.2  Additional Cray Product Requirements for Cray XT5h Systems
    5.2.3  Third-party Software Requirements
    5.3  Supported Upgrade Path
    5.4  Contents of the Release Package
    5.4.1  CLE 2.2 Software Components
    5.4.2  Contents of the Cray XT5h System Release Package
    5.5  Licensing
    5.6  Ordering Software
Customer Services
    6.1  Technical Assistance with Software Problems
    6.2  CrayPort
    6.3  Training
    6.4  Cray Public Website
RPMs Eliminated from Cray Linux Environment (CLE)

Software Releases this book supports

Product Version Sub Product Release Date
Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 2.2 Jul 2009

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S-2425-52 Mar 2014 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP00, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP03, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP02, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP04, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP01
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S-2425-21 Nov 2008 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 2.1
S-2425-20 Oct 2007 Cray XT Programming Environment 2.0, System Management Workstation (SMW) 3.0.1, UNICOS/lc 2.0
S-2425-15 Nov 2006 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.5, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.5, UNICOS/lc 1.5
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S-2425-12 Aug 2005 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.2, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.2, UNICOS/lc 1.2
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