Cray XT System Software Release Overview

S-2425-21 - Nov 2008

Provides an overview of the Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 2.1 GA software release, including documentation, contents of the release package, and software services provided with the release.


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Table of contents

    1.1  Naming of the Release
    1.2  Emphasis for the CLE 2.1 Release
    1.3  CLE 2.1 Release Package Description
    1.4  Reader Comments
Software Enhancements
    2.1  SLES 10 SP1 Upgrade
    2.1.1  SLES 10 SP1 Upgrade and Configuration
    2.1.2  SLES 10 SP1 Man Pages
    2.2  EAL3 Evaluation
    2.3  Security Auditing and Cray Audit Extensions for CNL
    2.3.1  ALPS Interface to Security Auditing
    2.3.2  Lustre File System Requirements for Cray Audit
    2.3.3  Security Auditing Impact on System Performance
    2.4  PAM Module to Log Failed Login Attempts
    2.5  Lustre 1.6 Upgrade
    2.5.1  Lustre Control for Cray XT Systems
    2.5.2  Lustre 1.4 Compatibility
    2.5.3  Lustre 1.6 Commands
    2.6  Improvements in System Resiliency
    2.6.1  New ldump and lcrash Utilities
    2.6.2  Using ldump and lcrash Utilities for Node Memory Dump and Analysis
    2.6.3  Boot-node Failover
    2.6.4  Lustre Failover (Deferred implementation)
    2.6.5  Preserving the System's Ability to Run Applications After Abnormal Terminations (Node Health)
    2.6.6  New xthotbackup Command
    2.7  Comprehensive System Accounting (CSA) for CNL
    2.7.1  CSA Compatibility and Limitations
    2.8  PerfMon 2.3 Upgrade for CNL
    2.9  NUMA Kernel
    2.10  Portals Enhancements
    2.11  Huge Pages for CNL
    2.11.1  Huge Pages on Cray XT3, Cray XT4, and Cray XT5 Systems
    2.11.2  Huge Pages for Cray X2 Nodes in Cray XT5 h Systems
    2.12  Memory Affinity for CNL
    2.13  CPU Affinity for CNL
    2.14  New XTAdmin Database segment Table
    2.15  Cray Data Virtualization Service (Cray DVS) for CNL
    2.16  Checkpoint/Restart (Deferred implementation)
    2.17  Additional Enhancements to System Administration and System Maintenance
    2.17.1  General System Administration Enhancements
    2.17.2  Release Upgrade, Configuration, and Installation Enhancements
    2.17.3  File System and I/O Enhancements
    2.18  Additional New and Enhanced Commands
    2.18.1  apstat Enhancements
    2.19  Bugs Addressed Since the Last Release
Compatibilities and Differences
    3.1  Users Must Recompile Applications
    3.2  Compilers Must Be Reinstalled
    3.3  apstat Display Changes
    3.4  Catamount-specific Commands Deprecated for CNL Systems
    3.5  SUSE Man Page Packaging
    3.6  PBS Professional No Longer Packaged as an Optional Product
    3.7  PerfMon 2.3 Upgrade for CNL
    3.8  Differences when Moving from SLES 9 SP2 to SLES 10 SP1
    3.8.1  SLES 10 SP1 Changes to the User Interface
    3.8.2  SLES 10 SP1 Administrative Changes
    3.9  Lustre 1.6 Backward Compatibility
    3.10  Additional System Management Compatibility Issues and Differences
    3.10.1  Release 2.1 Upgrade-related and Configuration-related Changes
    3.10.2  General System Administration Differences
    3.10.3  Operational-related Changes
    4.1  CrayPort Website
    4.2  CrayDoc Documentation Delivery System
    4.3  Accessing Product Documentation
    4.4  Documentation Changes
    4.4.1  SUSE Man Page Packaging
    4.4.2  CrayDoc Requires GCC 4.1.1
    4.4.3  File System and Storage Documentation has been Restructured
    4.5  Books Provided with This Release
    4.6  Third-party Books Provided with This Release
    4.7  Other Related Documents Available
    4.8  Changes to the Man Pages Document Set Since the UNICOS/lc 2.0 Release
    4.8.1  New Cray Man Pages
    4.8.2  New Third-party Man Pages
    4.9  Cray Glossary
    4.10  Additional Documentation Resources
    4.11  Ordering Documentation
Release Contents
    5.1  Cray XT System Configurations
    5.2  Software Requirements
    5.3  Contents of the Release Package
    5.3.1  Components for All Systems
    5.3.2  Additional Components for Cray XT5 h Systems
    5.4  Licensing
    5.5  Ordering Software
Customer Services
    6.1  Technical Assistance with Software Problems
    6.2  CrayPort
    6.3  Training
    6.4  Cray Public Website
Package Differences
List of Tables
List of Figures

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Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 2.1 Nov 2008

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S-2425-52xx Apr 2014 Knowledge Base 1.0
S-2425-52 Mar 2014 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP00, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP03, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP02, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP04, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP01
S-2425-51 Sep 2013 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.1.UP00, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.1.UP01
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S-2425-31 Jun 2010 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.1, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.1.UP02, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.1.UP03
S-2425-30 Mar 2010 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.0
S-2425-22 Jul 2009 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 2.2
S-2425-20 Oct 2007 Cray XT Programming Environment 2.0, System Management Workstation (SMW) 3.0.1, UNICOS/lc 2.0
S-2425-15 Nov 2006 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.5, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.5, UNICOS/lc 1.5
S-2425-14 May 2006 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.4, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.4, UNICOS/lc 1.4
S-2425-13 Nov 2005 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.3, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.3, UNICOS/lc 1.3
S-2425-12 Aug 2005 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.2, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.2, UNICOS/lc 1.2
S-2425-11 Jun 2005 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.1, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.1, UNICOS/lc 1.1