Cray XT Series Software Release Overview

S-2425-20 - Oct 2007

Provides an overview of the Cray XT series software releases, including documentation, contents of the release package, and software services provided with the release.


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Table of contents

    1.1  Emphasis for the Cray XT Series 2.0 Release
    1.2  Reader Comments
Software Enhancements
    2.1  New Compute Node Kernel, CNL
    2.1.1  User-visible Changed Functionality
    2.1.2  CNL Programming Considerations
    2.1.3  glibc Functions CNL and Catamount/CVN Differences
    2.1.4  BusyBox Commands Supported on Cray XT Compute Nodes Running CNL
    2.1.5  MPI CNL and Catamount/CVN Differences
    2.1.6  SHMEM CNL and Catamount/CVN Differences
    2.1.7  PAPI CNL and Catamount/CVN Differences
    2.1.8  I/O Buffering CNL and Catamount/CVN Differences
    2.1.9  OpenMP CNL Considerations
    2.1.10  Cray XT CNL Administration Considerations
    2.2  Application Level Placement Scheduler (ALPS) for CNL Applications
    2.2.1  Using ALPS
    2.2.2  ALPS Administration
    2.3  Node Attributes
    2.3.1  Viewing Node Attributes
    2.3.2  Specifying Node Attributes at Job Launch
    2.3.3  System Administration of Node Attributes
    2.4  New yod Command Option
    2.5  BSD V3 Accounting
    2.6  VisIt Application for Catamount/CVN Nodes
    2.7  Optional PBS Pro 8.1 Product
    2.8  Programming Environment Products
    2.9  Additional Enhancements to System Administration and System Maintenance
    2.9.1  General System-Administration Enhancements
    2.9.2  Improvements to System Resiliency
    2.9.3  Enhancements to Input/Output and Devices
    2.10  Resolved Critical and Urgent Software Problem Reports (SPRs)
Compatibilities and Differences
    3.1  Users Must Recompile Applications
    3.2  The -lsma64 Compiler Option No Longer Required
    3.3  MPICH2 Edge Color All-to-all Algorithm for Non-power-of-two Ranks
    3.4  Change to Upper Limit for Quantum for Catamount/CVN Nodes
    3.5  Man Pages in roff Format
    3.6  Additional System Management Compatibility Issues and Differences
    3.6.1  Release 2.0 Upgrade-related and Configuration-related Changes
    3.6.2  Operational-related Changes
    4.1  CrayDoc Documentation Delivery System
    4.2  Accessing Product Documentation
    4.3  Books Provided with This Release
    4.4  Man Pages Provided with This Release
    4.5  Additional Documentation Resources
    4.6  TotalView Documentation From TotalView Technologies, LLC
    4.7  PathScale Compilers Documentation From PathScale LLC
    4.8  Cray Glossary
Release Package
    5.1  Supported Upgrade Path
    5.2  Optional Products Offered Directly From Cray Inc.
    5.3  TotalView Offered From TotalView Technologies, LLC
    5.4  PathScale Compilers Offered From PathScale LLC
    5.5  Contents of the Release Package
    5.6  Licensing
    5.7  Ordering Software
Customer Services
    6.1  Technical Assistance with Software Problems
    6.2  CRInform System
    6.3  Training
    6.4  Cray Service Bulletin (CRSB)
    6.5  Cray Public Website
List of Tables

Software Releases this book supports

Product Version Sub Product Release Date
Cray XT Programming Environment 2.0 Oct 2007
System Management Workstation (SMW) 3.0.1 Oct 2007
UNICOS/lc 2.0 Oct 2007

Other versions of this book

Publication Number Release Date Supported Software Releases
S-2425-52xx Apr 2014 Knowledge Base 1.0
S-2425-52 Mar 2014 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP00, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP03, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP02, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP04, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.2.UP01
S-2425-51 Sep 2013 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.1.UP00, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.1.UP01
S-2425-42 Apr 2013 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.2, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.2.UP01, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.2.UP02
S-2425-5002 Mar 2013 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.0.UP02, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 5.0.UP03
S-2425-4101 Dec 2012 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.1.UP01
S-2425-40 Jun 2011 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.0.UP02, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.0.UP01, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.0, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 4.0.UP03
S-2425-31 Jun 2010 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.1, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.1.UP02, Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.1.UP03
S-2425-30 Mar 2010 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.0
S-2425-22 Jul 2009 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 2.2
S-2425-21 Nov 2008 Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 2.1
S-2425-15 Nov 2006 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.5, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.5, UNICOS/lc 1.5
S-2425-14 May 2006 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.4, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.4, UNICOS/lc 1.4
S-2425-13 Nov 2005 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.3, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.3, UNICOS/lc 1.3
S-2425-12 Aug 2005 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.2, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.2, UNICOS/lc 1.2
S-2425-11 Jun 2005 Cray XT3 Programming Environment 1.1, System Management Workstation (SMW) 1.1, UNICOS/lc 1.1