2.2. cc and c99 Commands

The cc command invokes the Cray C compiler. The cc and c99 commands accept C source files that have the .c and .i suffixes; object files with the .o suffix; library files with the .a suffix; and assembler source files with the .s suffix.

The cc and c99 commands format are as follows:

cc or c99 [-c] [-C] [-d string] [-D macro[=def]] [-E] [-g] [-G level] 
   [-h arg] [-I incldir] [-l libfile] [-L libdir] [-M] [-nostdinc] 
   [-o outfile] [-O level] [-P] [-s] [-S] [-U macro] [-V]
   [-Wphase,"opt..."] [-X npes] [-Yphase,dirname] [-#] [-##] [-###]
   files [file] ...

See Section 2.5 for an explanation of the command line options.