Optimizing MPI-IO for Applications on Cray XT Systems

S-0013-10 - Jun 2009

Describes processes and techniques for optimizing MPI-IO applications on Cray XT systems.


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Table of contents

    1.1  Cray MPI-IO Software Stack
    1.2  Read and Write Process Flows
MPI-IO Collective Buffering
Collective Buffering Alignment Algorithms
Collective Buffering Hints
Collective Buffering and Data Access Patterns
Benchmark Results
Future Work
10  References

Software Releases this book supports

Product Version Sub Product Release Date
Message Passing Toolkit (MPT) 3.2 Apr 2009
Message Passing Toolkit (MPT) 3.0 May 2008
Message Passing Toolkit (MPT) 3.1 Dec 2008

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